Flotation Ore Processing Plant Technicals

The mineral processing equipment is of various and different sizes. For the mineral processing equipment, the ore separating machines mainly include feeding equipment, transportation equipment, crushing equipment, grinding equipment, mixing equipment, classification equipment, selected equipment, dewatering equipment, drying equipment, molding equipment and other plants being the major series.

Flotation Ore Processing Plant Technicals

minerals ore flotation processing

Flotation ore processing plant is one flotation process machine, during the processing, after putting some pharmaceutical treatment of slurry by stirring inflation, thus, some of these material granules will be selectively on the top of the bubble; float to the pulp surface was scraped to the formation of form products, and the rest will be retained in the pulp, in order to achieve the separation the minerals.

Working Principle

The Flotation Machine was driven by the motor with the working of impeller rotation, and then produces the centrifugal effect, and form the negative pressure. On the one hand, absorbing enough air to mix with the pulp; on the other hand, stirring the mixture of pulp and drugs, in the meanwhile, they will form fine form, so that the mineral will be adhesive foam on the top of the flotation of materialized bubbles float to the pulp surface. Adjust the ram height of the control surface, make the foam scraped by the scraping plate.

Flotation Machine Features

  • 1. large inspiratory volume, and low power consumption;
  • 2. each trough has inhale, midge and flotation from a flotation circuit, without any auxiliary equipment, configuration installation, easy to change the process.
  • 3. Slurry tank for the next cycle, which is conductive to the suspension of coarse mineral recycling;
  • 4. Slutty hand control, automation and electric control devices, easy to adjust;
  • 5. The impeller is made up of dual cut cone, they can produce a strong pulp cycle;
  • 6. The SF Series flotation machine is widely used for the separation of the non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, precious metals, nonmetallic minerals and the chemical, for the recycling of useful materials.

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