Problems Of Vibrating Screen In Gravel Production Line

In recent years, due to the high quality and good grain shape, artificial sand has become the main source of sand and stone in the construction industry. Moreover, with the continuous development of the industry, sand and stone equipment has made great progress, technology and structure have been constantly improved, and the processing needs in different industries have been realized. Gravel production line, as the main mechanical equipment of artificial sand, is welcomed by everyone in the market. The production line has different equipment composition. Users can choose different types of equipment to configure according to different process requirements. Vibrating screen is one of the main equipment in sand production line, which plays an important role in the production line, and its position in the production line is irreplaceable. Now let's see what problems should be paid attention to in the use of vibrating screen.

Problems Of Vibrating Screen In Gravel Production Line
  • 1. After the users run the sand production line, they should also observe the details of the shaker at any time to determine whether the operation of the shaker is normal or not, and if they find the inappropriate, they should improve it in time. If the abnormal sound of the vibration screen is heard, the user also needs to pay enough attention to it, and must check the cause of the failure.
  • 2. When it is found that the bearing temperature is too high, the vibration screen should be replaced immediately. In order to ensure the normal operation of sand production line equipment, there will be no other problems. Of course, people also need to check whether the screen of the vibrating screen is loosened. If the wear of the screen is serious, it is necessary to repair or deal with it in time so as not to cause inconvenience to production.
  • 3. Because the main shaft of the vibrating screen operates for a long time, it is easy to be damaged. At this time, users need to do a good job of lubricating the main shaft of the screen, and must not be slack or lax. So that the sand production line can play a very good performance performance, so that users can get great satisfaction.

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