Reasons For Excessive Material In Dust Collector Of Ultrafine Mill

In the process of working on the ultrafine mill, not only the requirements for production capacity, but also the operation of dust removal, etc., the dust removal is mainly to prevent dust from polluting the environment and lubrication, so the presence of the component is environmentally friendly. Production demand and lubrication have important effects. In view of this situation, we need to ensure that its operation is good, and one of the phenomena that affects its operation is the phenomenon of excessive internal materials.

Reasons For Excessive Material In Dust Collector Of Ultrafine Mill

When the ultrafine grinding machine is working, the weight of the lower pressure valve of the dust collector is too heavy for some reasons, so that it cannot rise and fall naturally, which may cause the material to come out, when the material When there is too much storage, the material will be brought back to the fan or the dust collector, which is one of the reasons for the excessive material in the dust collector;

The second point is that during the operation of the ultrafine mill, it is necessary to clean the dust collector in time. Otherwise, the dust will accumulate on the surface of the dust collector. This phenomenon will cause some of the dust to adhere to the filter cloth. The fine particles are squeezed in the past, causing the dust removal efficiency to drop, which is also the reason why the materials accumulate more and more;

The smooth working process of the ultrafine grinding machine requires standard operation and reasonable maintenance. The standard operation is mainly for smooth grinding process, while the reasonable maintenance is to reduce the wear and tear on the parts during the working process. This makes the production smoother and prolongs its service life. In addition, it is necessary to clean the various components, which is mainly for the smooth progress of lubrication.

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