Sulfur Ore Processing Equipment

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Sulfur Ore Processing Equipment

Sulfur Ore

Any of the natural mineral formations containing native sulfur in concentrations that make extraction technically feasible and economically profitable. Sulfur ores are classified according to the composition of the enclosing rock and include limestone-calcite, calcitic dolomite, clay, gypsum, opalite, and quartzite ores.

The principal minerals that make up sulfur ores are native sulfur, calcite, dolomite, gypsum, anhydrite, celestite, quartz, chalcedony, opal, clay minerals, pyrite, and alunite. Depending on the structure and texture of the ores, which determine the ores’ technical properties, distinctions are made between, for example, ores containing crystal aggregates and those with finely disseminated sulfur particles.

Sulfur Ore Processing Operation

Sulfur is extracted from sulfur ores by a mining process and a geotechnological process. In the former, sulfur ores are mined in quarries or, much less frequently, in underground shafts. The ores are then concentrated by flotation with the production of a sulfur concentrate, from which crude, or lump, sulfur is obtained using special furnaces, kettles, and autoclaves.

The crude sulfur is then purified to yield refined sulfur. In the geotechnological process, the sulfur is melted from sulfur ores at the deposit site using superheated water. A hole is bored from the ground surface to the deposit. Three pipes are then lowered: one for the water at 165°–170°C, one for air, and one for conveying the molten sulfur to the surface. In 1973, world production of sulfur through this process exceeded 10 million tons.

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