Development of stone crushing equipment

Stone Crushing Equipment

At present, stone crushing equipment are distinguishable from various aspects, at present, with the development of the market, stone crushing equipment has been presented for a variety of types, the following from the many aspects of the stone crushing equipment to distinguish.

According to the size of crushing stones, crushing stones can be divided into coarse crushing equipment and fine crushing stone crushing equipment, thick crushing head generally undertakes the production process can be roughly crushing stones, the crushing line in the setting of stone stone, should follow the two stages of a closed production process suitable for lime stone, stone materials more of the project, a section of a closed gravel mechanism of sand production process, suitable for the production site compared to cramped space.

Fine crushed stone crushing equipment refers to the two crushing machinery, is an important type of stone machine, in the process of natural stones falling and the stone collide, stones and natural stones thrown out of the whereabouts of accelerated the formation of a vortex, return process is also influenced by the two crushing, crushing is compared well, can reach the stone grain shape the final demand.

In the process of crushed stones, to ensure continuous and stable feeding, continuous feeding will make the crusher full feeding, ensure the extrusion between the crushing cavity fully, the flat and long granular particle fracture along the thin section is crushed, more fully, so the equipment matching degree is very important.

Best Stone Crushing Equipment Model Performance Introduction

Stone crusher is suitable for all kinds of hardness of stone broken, such as granite, pebbles, bluestone and so on. The best stone crushing equipment model, in moderate prices, can achieve a wide range of applications, high yield, stable performance. Well, what are the best models and performance characteristics of the stone crushing equipment?

best stone crushing equipment wide range of materials: Natural sand has been unable to meet the needs of the market today, the system has become the main source of sand. Good stone broken need to be able to break a variety of stone, whether it is high hardness of granite, pebbles, diabase, basalt, bluestone, rock or hardness of the more brittle limestone, gneiss, etc., can be applied.

best stone crushing equipment is stable and cost-effective: Equipment performance is stable, low price, good quality, this is a good stone crushing equipment the most critical factor. The development history of crusher is relatively long ago. With the continuous development of mining machinery industry in China, the manufacturing technology of stone crushing equipment is also improving. The traditional "made of stone" principle can not meet the current needs of the industry. Therefore, customers on the performance of stone crushing equipment requirements are more specific, higher, new crushing equipment also emerge in an endless stream. This is a new opportunity and challenge for the mining machinery industry.

At present, the domestic mining machinery manufacturing industry has developed maturely, the best stone crushing equipment can be done in the case to ensure the quality of equipment, reduce manufacturing cost, thereby reducing the equipment price, then crushing equipment price is higher. As the market competition in the crushing industry is fierce, prices are volatile, but also stable. Good stone crushing equipment, single equipment, output can reach 800 tons, the first hour, in the case of crushing different stones, and even more can be produced. And every day after holding the work time can reach up to 20 hours, in the production of high, long action time, but also to achieve stable performance, less maintenance.

Stone Crushing Production Line Related Equipment Advantages

Vibration feeder: stone production line is relatively high demand for vibration feeder, its smaller size, light weight, in the structure is very simple. It is convenient to install and maintain, and the overall operation cost is very low. The operation efficiency is high, and its feeding capacity is also very big. When running, the noise is very low, which in some way can greatly improve the working environment. The exciting force can be adjusted at any time, and the flow can also be controlled according to the specific conditions. The operation is very convenient and the application is very wide.

Classification of stone crushing equipment

Jaw crusher: crusher energy-saving stone production line in the use of advanced technology, the power of the motor can be reduced by 18-25%, can save 70% of the lubricating oil, cooling water can save 90%. It is widely used in cement, silicate products, new building materials and other industries. The power of the original motor can be greatly reduced, and the installed capacity can be reduced, so that the work efficiency can be greatly improved, and the wastage can be greatly reduced. It runs smoothly and works reliably. The lining can be disassembled and replaced, and the power consumption of the lining is very low, and the utility model not only has the advantages of economy and environmental protection, but also has strong environmental protection.

Impact crusher: impact crusher is a crusher equipment, the development of a higher degree of maturity. Its model is complete, very safe to run, high stability, the use of seamless links. A wide range of applications, can be used in the iron ore crusher and coal gangue crushing and other fields can be used well. Even if the material is very wet, it can work very smoothly. Its output is very uniform, the products produced by the quality of high quality, and its grading is very good.

Vibrating screen: the sieve box of vibrating screen in the stone production line is welded by steel plates of different thickness. Its rigidity and strength are very high, and it is a very important part of the whole equipment. Its grid is made of wood. The deformation of the wood is very small. In this way, the whole screen can be kept flat and tensioned, and the screen can be kept normal during sieving. Its mesh is made of stainless steel. It meets the relevant national standards. Motor pedestal which can move, will screw up it before use.

Belt conveyor: the belt conveyor in the stone production line is relatively simple in structure and convenient for maintenance. The parts it uses are standardized. In mines, metallurgy, coal and other departments are applicable, mainly used to transport some loose material or pieces of goods. According to the specific requirements of the transportation technology to carry on the reasonable collocation, can use a single transport mode, can also transport related system using multiple component to transport, so it can be very flexible according to the actual need to set the appropriate type.

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