Calcium Carbonate Grinding Machine

Calcium carbonate, commonly known as limestone, stone powder, is a white powder or an inorganic compound as colorless crystals. Depending on production methods, which can be divided into calcium carbonate heavy calcium carbonate, light calcium carbonate, colloidal calcium carbonate, and calcium carbonate crystals. Many kinds of calcium carbonate, and the applications are very widely distributed in the cement, glass, rubber, paint, plastics, paint, paper, ink, and other industrial sectors have a very important application.

Calcium carbonate used in these various industrial sectors. Usually it is divided according to the degree of pulverization, which is mainly determined by the calcium carbonate grinding processing equipment --grinding machine performance. Number of eyes grinding machine grinding out of calcium carbonate have different purposes. According to experts, 200 mesh calcium carbonate can be used within a variety of feed additives (calcium amounted to more than 55.6 no harmful ingredients); 250-300 mesh, used as a plastics factory, rubber factory, paint factory, fireproof materials plant raw materials and interior and exterior painting; 350-400 mesh, can be used in the manufacture pinch, the water piping and chemical industries; 400-600 mesh, the paste can be used for toothpaste, soap and other production; 800 mesh, can be used in rubber, plastics, cables and other industrial products manufacturing; 1250 mesh can be used in paints, paint-grade products, paper primer, topcoat, such as paper production.

Calcium Carbonate Grinding Machine

Calcium Carbonate Grinding Machine Manufacturers

Calcium carbonate wide range of industrial applications and a lot of grinding machine grinding process needs to provide a broad space for development, but this high-precision, high production machining requirements of performance but also on the grinding machine and grinding machine equipment manufacturers a higher level requirements.

Shanghai SBM is a professional crushing and screening equipment and industrial milling equipment development and production of large mining machinery and equipment manufacturing companies, which according to the powder processing industry trends and customer needs, the introduction of foreign advanced milling technology for calcium carbonate, limestone, material properties and processing talc, marble, calcite, dolomite, bentonite, bauxite, kaolin, has developed and produced the Raymond mill, high pressure hanging roller mill, trapezium mill overpressure, the European version of the Trapezium mill machine, vertical milling machine, three-ring medium speed micro powder mill, ultrafine mill and a series of high-performance milling equipment. The grinding machine with advanced technology, fully functional, covering a variety of processing materials and processing range, to meet customer demand for a variety of processing, calcium carbonate provides a full range of grinding and processing equipment and systems solutions, by the powder processing industry unanimously approved.

Currently, our grinding machine has been successfully applied to the calcium carbonate grinding processing, processing and production of a large number of high-quality heavy calcium, light powder, crystalline powder, such as different uses of calcium carbonate, greatly broadened the applications of calcium carbonate enhance the economic value of calcium, but also led to the further development of the paper, rubber, plastics, paints, coatings and other related departments.

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