Cement Grinding Unit Cost

In the cement clinker production process, the material grinding power consumption accounts for about 70% of the overall power consumption directly affects the production cost of cement. In the increasingly tense energy, electricity prices continue to rise, the active use of new technologies to improve the grinding system output and reduce unit power consumption is to reduce production costs and improve economic efficiency of enterprises the most effective technical approach.

How active use of new technology, new technology, new materials, greatly improve the grinding system productivity and reduce the cost of electricity consumption, is placed in front of the cement engineering and technical personnel of an urgent task. Granular material into the grinding mill grinding efficiency is an important constraint parameters. Especially for cement grinding process, the result of the grinding of materials of different physical and chemical properties and micro-hardness, grindability indicators are worse than the raw material composition. It must take reasonable technical means to implement before the grinding material pretreatment, narrow particle size into the mill "more crushing less grinding", the crushing mill functional part or all moved to a warehouse outside the mill is completed, in order to greatly improve the existing powder mill system production, reduce grinding power consumption.

Cement Grinding Unit Cost

With advances in technology, industrial slag cement demand continues to increase. Each mill manufacturers in accordance with this situation, the development of various cement clinker grinding unit for grinding cement pre-processing to achieve high yield and efficient production results. However, cement clinker grinding unit cost is generally much?

Shanghai SBM has many years of cement clinker grinding unit production and sales history of the manufacturers, first proposed by vertical milling machine (vertical mill) to replace the high stability of ball mill for cement clinker grinding unit, cement grinding production increased by 40% to 60 effective %, and the design process, such as to reach the world advanced level, has been praised by users.

SBM developed large-scale production of environmentally friendly cement clinker grinding unit- vertical milling machine, specializing in the processing of cement clinker to be used again. Shanghai SBM vertical milling machine dedicated cement clinker industry, coal powder, fly ash and other large production powder production process.

Cement clinker grinding unit --- vertical mill adopts reasonable and reliable structural design, with advanced technological process, set drying, grinding, separator, upgrade in one, especially in the large grinding process, fully meet customer demand, the main technical, economic indicators have reached the international advanced level. In addition, cement clinker grinding unit cost is relatively low in relation to it.

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