Construction Waste Crusher

Prospects for construction waste disposal

Construction waste recycling, not only has a huge environmental benefits, but also will have huge economic benefits. Most of the waste in the construction waste can be recycled as a renewable resource after being sorted, rejected or crushed. In the face of more and more prominent problems of urban construction waste, many successful practices in developed countries can provide us with the basis for reference. By 2020, China's new construction waste generated 50 tons estimated that these construction waste disposal if it can be transformed into ecological building materials, the value can be created to reach 1 trillion yuan. Currently, the construction waste disposal has been in Beijing, Shandong, Shenzhen and other regions fiery start. With the increasing emphasis on environmental construction of government departments, construction waste disposal will soon usher in more powerful national policy support and broad market space.

China is the country with the largest number of new buildings every year. Each year 2 billion square meters of new area, equivalent to the consumption of the world's cement and steel, but only for 40% years 25-30. China's construction waste has accounted for 30% of the total amount of urban garbage to ~ 40%. According to rough statistics of construction material loss on masonry structure, cast-in-place structure and frame structure of the building, in the construction process of each million square meters of construction, only the construction waste will produce 500 to 600 tons per million square meters; and the demolition of the old building, will produce 7000 to 12000 tons. According to incomplete statistics, the annual demolition of old buildings in urban and rural construction, urban construction waste will generate up to 2 tons. The annual number of construction waste has been accounted for as much as 40% of the total amount of urban construction waste.

SBM for construction waste crushing process

SBM is the world's leading rock and mineral processing equipment manufacturing enterprises, the construction waste, construction waste crushing, especially in the construction waste site is small, mobile construction waste pulverizer gives full play to the advantages of operation.

Integrated service of construction waste crusher

SBM has an experienced and skilled sales and service team and perfect sales service network, each local sales of our products, as long as the customer what the requirements of our service personnel will be in 48 hours to give customers a satisfactory answer.

Operation steps of construction waste crusher

Comprehensive recycling of construction waste solution

Comprehensive recovery and utilization of SBM for the development of the mobile construction waste crushing station, integrated feeder, construction waste crusher, vibrating screen and other equipment to set the crushing and screening system as a whole, the recycling of construction waste is preferred.

According to the particularity of construction waste disposal unit site and restrictions, the company has developed a crawler and tire type two mobile crushing station, production capacity of up to 100 ~ 300 tons / hour.

Y or K series of wheeled mobile crushing station can be configured and running system of heavy truck axle, small volume, light weight and easy traction on the road, split, folding parts, convenient transitions, convenient installation, shorten the construction period.

Construction Waste Crusher

Y series crawler type mobile crushing station is a new type of high efficient combined crushing station developed by our company. Heavy duty crawler chassis, hydraulic drive, self powered, stable performance, ingenious design, fully functional. Set feeding, crushing, conveying and other process equipment as a whole, but also through the combination of different models, the formation of a crushing process.

Value of reuse of construction waste

  • Brick, stone, concrete and other waste materials after crushing, can replace sand, used in masonry mortar, plastering mortar, concrete cushion; waste concrete block material after pulverization can cooperate with standard sand as fine aggregate mortar mix for the wall surface plastering, roof screed, masonry mortar, floor brick making etc..
  • The crushed stone used in the construction of the board. The production of partition plate, not only light weight and high sound insulation, small expansion coefficient, because the material is easy, cheap and greatly reduce the cost of the plate.
  • The waste concrete block can be used as the concrete aggregate in the precast or precast concrete after being crushed. This will not only save the construction funds, but will not reduce the strength of the structure. It can be seen that the construction waste can be recycled and used to produce certain economic benefits.

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