Fly Ash Beneficiation Process

Fly Ash Beneficiation Process

Fly ash beneficiation process is based on the physical and chemical properties of various components in fly ash can be used in different, flotation, magnetic separation, electricity recovery of valuable minerals selected, gravity separation and chemical mineral processing methods of them, to use.

Fly ash iron mainly Fe2O3, Fe3O4 and iron silicate form of existence. The pulverized fly ash pyrite particles in combustion, iron has been enriched; after experiencing magnetization baking Rao, some into magnetite, Fe3O4 crystals. x a diffraction analysis pointed out that a large quantity of packets in its internal Fe2O3, which is very beneficial to the recovery of total iron.

The fly ash recycling iron. Commonly used magnetic separation, sorting is better.

For the original low Fly ash content of total iron slag should be preselected enrichment, pre-selected equipment available hydrocyclones. For example, a thermal power plant due to magnetite for the original ash than the major, after the cyclone pre-selected from the row of sand fly ash out of the mouth of the total iron slag has been enriched. Its wholly-iron grade increased from 13.91% to 20.84%, total iron recovery was 65.91%, total iron-rich fly ash slag sorting through cylindrical weak magnetic concentrator, the resulting total iron grade iron ore 45.22 % recovery of 39.17%.

Iron minerals recovered from fly ash without stripping, mining, crushing, grinding and other steps, its investment is only selected from iron ore about 1/4, thus saving a large number of infrastructure and operating costs.

Selected from fly ash to cement plants for magnetite could start burning cement raw materials, followed by iron can be incorporated into a higher grade for iron ore in raw materials.

fly ash as a new mineral resources development and utilization prospects are very broad, a large number of domestic and international research and practice has proved that the use of appropriate fly ash beneficiation methods, recycling and the use of mechanized units, is to solve the environmental pollution and make fly ash the resources of the important direction. fly ash is also an effective means to improve the comprehensive sets of value.

Fly Ash Beneficiation Process Manufacturer

Research on more effective combined with fly ash beneficiation process. Such as the use of flotation - magnetic separation - re-election, flotation - off the mud, flotation - fine grading and other associated sets of processes.

In the fly ash beneficiation process, there are different according to different classification of ball mill production line. Mill type the company currently produced with wet ball mill, dry ball mill, ball mill, cone metal ceramic ball mill,cement mill, energy saving, high efficiency ball mill ball mill and other large ball mill.

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