Fly Ash Grinding Mill

Fly Ash Grinding Mill

Our country is the largest coal reserves in the country. At present, coal-fired power plant in China's energy industry is still occupy a larger share. However, one important issue is the resulting environmental problems.

Fly ash is a major coal-fired thermal power plants generated solid contaminants, and is a solid residue pulverized coal combustion process inevitably produce. Therefore, to reduce environmental pollution ash has become an important issue of fly ash processing equipment industry. The fly ash grinding mill machine is the main processing equipment.

Our country approach to the fly ash from the past simple environmental management angle into a comprehensive management, resource utilization. To prove by actual production, fly ash can play an important role in the cement raw materials, cement admixture, a large water conservancy project, pumping concrete, mass concrete products, packing and other advanced fields.Therefore, in order to reduce the pollution of the environment, conserve resources and be able to further fly ash processing, to adapt to a variety of different needs. Shanghai SBM choose to use the most advanced international crushing technology and manufacturing level, professional build a new type of fly ash grinding mill machine --MTW Milling Machine.

At the beginning of pulverized coal combustion, since the gap between the minerals and solid carbon connected constantly escape, so pulverized coal become porous carbon particles. At this point the fly ash particle state remained irregular clastic original pulverized coal, but porous, making it larger surface area. Therefore, fly ash processing has become an important issue. We developed the fly ash grinding mill machine is based on the original production of Raymond mill, in order to fly ash more comprehensive solution to environmental pollution, making further use and R & D manufacturing, which sold abroad mining, cement and other industries in the field of deep processing of fly ash show distinctive advantage.

MTW Milling Machine processed fly ash has the following unique advantages:

  • 1, MTW Milling Machine compared with other mills under the same dynamic conditions such as 10-20% increase in production, roller grinding pressure increase 800-1200kg materials under high pressure spring action.
  • 2, Mohs hardness of less than 9.3 of mineral materials can be processed crushed.
  • 3, a wide range of product size, particle size up to 0.613 mm thickest (30 mesh) particle size is generally up to 0.033 mm (425 mesh), the finest small part of the material can reach 0.013 mm (1000 mesh).
  • 4, MTW Milling Machine dust removal effect is entirely up to the national emission standards.
  • 5, analysis machine easy to adjust.
  • 6, MTW Milling Machine grinding device uses overlapping multi-level seal, good sealing performance.

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