Gypsum Block Production Line

Gypsum block as a new wall materials, wall light and fast schedule, greatly reducing the cost of the project, but it has a fireproof insulation, low carbon and environmental protection and many other advantages, but it is a "breathing wall "this feature allows gypsum block walls within a certain temperature range with a unique moisture and humidity function, improve comfort room has a role.

Gypsum block its safe, comfortable, fast, environmental performance, are widely used in various construction sites. Compared to other projects, construction gypsum block partition is relatively simple. But compared to other wall materials, it has certain advantages, gypsum block walls are a non-load-bearing walls, physical and mechanical properties of the wall depends on the microstructure of gypsum block features.

Because gypsum block wall is composed of gypsum block, gypsum block features are excellent given the gypsum block wall building better physical performance, so in gypsum block production line, the process must be strictly controlled, in order to meet the requirements formulated gypsum blocks.

Gypsum Block Production Line

The desulfurization gypsum, phosphogypsum, natural gypsum of building gypsum and fly ash as the main material, 6:4 or 7:3 is gypsum powder and fly ash proportion. Screw conveyor for plaster powder input measurement barrel. The use of artificial fly ash into another measurement by the transmission belt in barrel, stirring barrel into the mixing platform, mix together and injected into the mixing bucket of water, by the artificial master is injected into the mould from mixing barrel opening. Block the initial setting after artificial flat, in orbit by the speed reducer device will die transported to the hydraulic station, the hollow tube top, manual release. And it will block loading transport vehicles rushed to drying shed, at the same time by pumping pipe machine will be hollow tube after pulling out, the hollow tube loaded on mold, and then sent to the mixing platform grouting, so move in circles to block production.

Gypsum block is cast as the main raw material, through mixing with water, casted and dry plaster made of lightweight building products. Shanghai SBM summarized according to market demand in various domestic gypsum block equipment, basic production formula and production process based on the research and development of a variety of crusher and grinding mill to meet the raw gypsum block.

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