Gypsum Powder Production Line

As a new environmentally friendly building materials, building materials industry, gypsum powder applied for a long time, and after in-depth research and development, currently has a wide range of applications in many fields.

Building gypsum as the main raw material of gypsum block, mixing water, pouring molding and drying can be made into massive light building gypsum products. In the gypsum powder production line, to be able to high strength gypsum instead of building gypsum, which is essentially a gypsum composites. Promoting agent of this gypsum is new environment-friendly building materials industry development.

Gypsum block is a common building material, that is used as the wall plaster is gypsum board and gypsum hollow lath. In the construction industry, gypsum block occupies a very important position. Gypsum block made after processing has good refractoriness, refractory limit for about 3 hours, high security. Gypsum block also has good environmental protection performance, it does not contain any radioactive material, and can be recycled.

Therefore, gypsum block powder's investment market has been opened, the investment direction of building materials industry also gradually reveal the trend of competition. This market trends also led the gypsum block powder processing machinery and equipment sales. Shanghai SBM in order to ensure the completion of the quality and quantity to gypsum powder in the production, research and development of intelligent automation production can be completed gypsum powder production line for the investing enterprises. According to the specific circumstances of different application areas and enterprises of gypsum investment trends, configure different equipment for different customer needs.

Gypsum Powder Production Line

Gypsum Powder Production Line Manufacturers

In the production of gypsum powder, grinding is the key link, is also the most difficult to master part. According to this situation, we according to the continuous exploration and research of the gypsum block powder production and deep processing industry for many years, has developed a new generation of for a variety of gypsum powder production requirements -- Gypsum grinding mill.

Gypsum grinding mill, as the name implies, is the processing of gypsum powder by grinding equipment. Gypsum block powder after crushing after need mill to good for the next step of processing it into powder. Gypsum block powder by crushing to the desired size, by the elevator will send it to the storage hopper, then through vibrating feeder will feed into the host uniformly continuous Raymond mill grinding chamber. Due to the effect of centrifugal force of the rotating, grinding roller swing outwards, tightly pressed on the grinding ring, the shovel scoop up titanium gypsum material to the grinding roller and ring for rolling mill roll, and achieve the purpose of crushing. Fine powder gypsum material after polishing with circulating air blower is brought into the sorting analysis machine, fine through thick materials fall back to the re grinding, qualified fine powder with the airflow into the finished cyclone powder collector, the powder tube, i.e.. That is the gypsum powder said.

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