Iron Ore Processing Flowsheet

Iron Ore Processing Flowsheet

Iron ore is the main raw material for metallurgical industry, mineral resources are also important for sustainable development of the national economy. Single from its definition, is the iron ore minerals and non-ferrous mineral aggregates, while under the current technology, economic conditions can be developed and utilized, with some commercial value and industrial value containing iron minerals in general. From the perspective of the geological mineralization, iron minerals in the long process of geological changes, mixed with other minerals, mechanical or chemical elements together, including a higher degree of enrichment of iron ore mineral exploitation obtained, while low level of enrichment is preserved as a rock.

However, generally less than 50% grade iron ore needs after crushing, grinding, magnetic separation, flotation, and gradually re-election and other processing flowsheet to elect iron. Our company based on years of production and sales experience for you specifically addressed related to iron ore processing flowsheet.

Iron ore crushing: Our iron ore processing plant generally coarse crusher, medium crusher and fine crusher to crush iron ore. Use more Coarse crusher 1.2m or 1.5m jaw crusher, secondary crushing using 2.1m or 2.2m standard cone crusher, fine crushing 2.1m or 2.2m using short head type cone crusher. Crushed by coarse ore, its block of not more than 1m, then through the fine crushing and screening ore particle size of less than 12mm into the final product delivery grinding groove.

Iron ore grinding process is the most two-stage grinding process, small processing plant use more period of grinding processes. Thanks to new technology and then grinding fine sieve. In recent years, some of the processing plant has been two to three paragraphs grinding grinding. Grinding equipment used include ball mill, Raymond mill, vertical mill and so on. Classification after grinding basically using spiral classifier. To improve efficiency, some processing plant Hydrocyclone replace the second spiral classifier.

Magnetite beneficiation: Mainly used for sorting low grade "Anshan type" magnetite. Due to the strong magnetic minerals, good wear good choice. Domestic magnetic separation plant are used stage grinding and multi-stage grinding processes. For coarse-grained disseminated magnetite uses the former (a period of grinding), fine-grained, micro-fine disseminated magnetite use the latter (Sec or three grinding).

If you want to iron ore processing flowsheet for more information, please contact us! At present, our company has formed a sound with broken equipment, processing equipment, stone production line based production line supply chain-large to the host device, small enough to supply equipment and accessories.

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