Iron Ore Separation Process

Iron Ore Separation Process

Iron ore separation process take advantage of differences in the nature of mineral ores to complete in addition to containing useful components available on the current economy, but also contains still can not use the ingredients, ingredients that can not be utilized called gangue.

Iron ore separation process equipment intended to be useful in the enrichment of ore minerals (or useful component) is separated from the constituent components into a single manufacturing bonanza (or compound), called concentrate.

Iron ore separation process is a more complex process, there are a variety of mechanical interaction in the course of their work, cooperate, and its production of different sizes, the use of iron ore separation process is not nearly the same type of device, but generally composed of or what part of the main categories: jaw crusher, ball mill, classifier, magnetic separator, flotation machine, concentrator and dryer and other major equipment, with feeder, elevator, conveyor can form a complete selected iron production line. The production line has high efficiency, low energy, high capacity, economical advantages.

After washing and grading of mineral mixture when passing through the magnetic separator. Because of the susceptibility of various minerals ratio differ by mechanical force and magnetic force would mix the material separated. After the initial separation of magnetic separator iron mineral particles being fed into the machine after the flotation machine, adding different drugs depending on the mineral properties, making minerals and other substances to be separated from. After the desired minerals are separated out, because it contains a lot of moisture, subject to preliminary concentrate thickener, and then tumble dry, you can get dry minerals.

Shanghai SBM as a professional crushers, mills and beneficiation equipment manufacturers will be based on market needs, produce a variety of different types. Customers must own the actual size and characteristics starting at the time of purchase, for reasonable production line equipment purchase and installation.

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