Pozzolana Cement Production Line

Pozzolana cement compared with ordinary cement, which has a proportion of small, low heat of hydration, good corrosion resistance, water demand and shrinkage of the larger, less frost resistance, low early strength. Pozzolana cement generally applicable to underground water and wet concrete engineering environment, not for dry environment, by freeze-thaw cycles and alternating wet and require high early strength works.

Pozzolana Cement Production Line

Pozzolana Cement

Natural or artificial contains mainly active silicon oxide, activated alumina mineral materials. It after ground into a fine powder mixed with lime water, not only can in air hardening, and can continue to hardening in the water, are called pozzolanic material, has the dual nature of glass and microcrystalline phase. Original ash refers to the lava, volcanic eruptions, the ground due to the low ground temperature, low pressure polyethylene cold generated vitreous material. After it was found that the adding lime when a volcano erupts spewing "ash", not only can the air hardening, and hardening in water, get the hydraulic properties similar to those of general cement. This mixing of pozzolanic material is a kind of active mixing materials, it can be a composite Portland cement, Portland cement made of pozzolana Portland cement and fly ash Portland cement.

Pozzolana cement production line has a representative in cement production, is composed of limestone and clay as the main raw material, crushing, ingredients, made ??from finely ground raw material, and then fed into the kiln burning mature, then clinker plus the amount of gypsum (sometimes mixing the mixed material or admixture) from finely ground.

Fine grinding of cement clinker grinding process usually circle flow (ie, closed operating system). In order to prevent the production of dust flying, cement plants are equipped with dust collection equipment. Electrostatic precipitator, bag filter and cyclone dust collector, etc. are commonly used in cement plant dust collection equipment. In recent years, due to the pre-homogenization of raw materials, raw material powder conveying and dust collection are other aspects of the adoption of new technology and new equipment, especially the emergence of decomposition kiln A new dry process cement production along produced. With this cement production line and the dry cement clinker production quality inferior to wet production, power consumption has also been reduced, has become a trend in the cement industry.

Pozzolana cement production equipment

Pozzolana cement production line as raw material preparation, can be divided into dry process (including semi-dry method) and wet (including half wet) two kinds.Shanghai shibang mining machinery co., LTD is a professional production and sale of modern leader. This company produces the dryer, grinding equipment, crushing equipment, all the precise calculation of design by senior engineer operating computer. Welcome to consultation, online customer service, for equipment quotation and technical parameters of information.

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