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Crushing equipment is a class collectively equipment, its use is quite extensive, commonly used in mining and stone work has been known to be crushing equipment. Portable rock crusher is one of a representative device.

Portable Rock Crusher Introduction

Portable rock crusher is our company's patented product, which is based power stations (electric type power stations and diesel-type power station) generated by high-pressure hydraulic oil as an energy source. Transported through the pipeline to each Splitter (aka splitting gun) cylinder tube, control rod telescopic push splitting inside and clever application of Principle wedge that split the force of several hundred tons of stone or thousands of tons, while the external compressive strength of rock and concrete, although great, but its internal tensile strength is relatively limited. Because of these characteristics to each other, so you can easily use the Splitter splitting open the rock within a few seconds, so hard ore is separated from the mountain.

Working Principle Of Portable Rock Crusher

Any object has its own characteristics. Rock and concrete has a very high compressive strength outside, from the inside outward tensile strength is very small, its resistance to cracking machine pressure and tensile strength with 100: 2 to 10 the difference, in a brittle state.

Portable rock crusher machine caught brittle rock and concrete characteristics, the use of the wedge design principles - the most narrow bore outward to release the great rupture force.

Portable rock crusher can be cracked within a few seconds the rock, safe, non-explosive, high removal efficiency is the best helper for your construction project.

Portable rock crusher has small size, light weight, easy to operate, safe, reliable, flexible, high efficiency, no vibration at work, no impact, no noise, no dust, split direction controllability, economical and practical features. Has been widely used in the quarrying, mining and other extractive industries and infrastructure, particularly in urban construction, river dredging, relief and rescue, removal of barriers and other work is an essential equipment.

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