Silica Sand Beneficiation Plant

Silica sand is the main mineral composition of quartz, feldspar, mica, iron minerals. Siliceous materials as glass, generally considered harmful impurities are mainly iron oxide and alumina. Alumina mainly from feldspar and clay, so the main task of silica sand beneficiation plant is: screening and classification; remove iron impurities; quartz and feldspar flotation separation.

Silica Sand Beneficiation Plant

screening and classification

The purpose of the Silica sand is sieved and grading of major indicators in order to ensure the product size. Under normal circumstances, the classification process can also serve to reduce the iron content Desliming role. The size distribution Silica sand has a direct impact on the quality of the glass and casting process will be. Too coarse particles cause difficulties in glass melting and homogenization, silica glass stripes increase; the particulate rules will affect the uniformity of the batch, resulting in clumping and flying materials.

In dealing with the open dry sand mineral ores, both at home and abroad tend to use shaker or curved sieved. In dealing with open wet sand deposits of ore, generally use rotary screen, vibrating screening. The main problem is how to make the screening process to improve screening efficiency in lowering their production costs and wear mesh material conditions. Currently, Shanghai SBM some silica sand beneficiation plant commonly used spiral classifier ore classifying. Its characteristic is easy to operate, easy to maintain, but large area, low processing capacity per unit area.

remove iron impurities

Alumina Silica sand mainly from feldspar, clay, with scrub classification method can effectively remove the clay and the alumina component, two for the removal of the alumina component of feldspar, that is separation feldspar, quartz flotation method is the most effective from , the most widely used as a separation method. Depending on the different agents, silica sand flotation divided fluorine flotation and fluorine-free flotation.

Silicon ore is generally divided into silicon and Silica sand ore, beneficiation equipment needs are not the same. Silica sand of high hardness, so the choice of silica sand processing equipment, be sure to pay attention to the hardness of the material can be directed their equipment. Silica sand processing equipment include: crusher (jaw crusher, impact crusher), Sand (Crusher), mill (ball mill, Raymond mill), dryer, auxiliary equipment (vibratory feeder, belt conveyors, elevators, loading charter). Silica sand beneficiation plant equipment generally does not require crushing equipment directly into the ball mill. Depending on the equipment needed silica sand beneficiation plant also generally have different screening machine, grading machine, sand washing machine, flotation machine.

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